National Interstate Company Picnic

Employees of National Interstate brought their families along for a road trip on the National Interstate!

Guests entered the lobby where Smokey the Bear welcomed them with the quote “only you can prevent having a good time!” aside 10’ tall balloon trees, a National Parks map and brochure holder. As guests traveled the highway, they stopped in the visitor’s center for Roadbucks coffee and Put-in-Bay’s Roundhouse Bar drinks. Mini balloon trees decorated the green-covered tables and at the back of the room a lifesize VW Station Wagon, straight out of National Lampoon’s Summer Vacation, sat atop a ‘road’ of s’mores pops. The visitor’s center was complete with a ‘Welcome to Hershey PA!’ billboard and 3 ft tall fake campfire.

Welcome signs hung from cross bars on the route to green-screen photo favors where guests could be pictured in front of Mt. Rushmore, being sprayed by Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park, next to an ancient redwood at Redwood National Park or battling alligators in the Everglades. A life-size, 3-sided gas station façade was complete with two Sunoco gas pumps and spinning chip holders.

National Park signage brought together the theme with green highway sign food-tents, signage for the games on wood-like backgrounds and more state welcome signs throughout the room. Guests walked under a 12 ft Olympia Park road sign with the mileage to various national parks.

Outside, each game, such as Pit Stop and Duck Pond matched the theme and represented a different national park. The road trip experience was completed with Pony Rides, RV walk-throughs, Ben & Jerry’s, Dunkin Donuts, Kelley’s Island Bar and picnic tables. Round tables underneath the tent were covered with alternating red and blue cloth and topped with a trifold national parks map – each centerpiece with a different wooden-like national park sign.

It was the road trip of a lifetime on the National Interstate!

National Interstate Company Picnic