The Summer of Love: Hippie Theme Bat Mitzvah

Although the summer of love was in 1969, it has become a party theme for every age. The music lives on as does the hippie mentality and the psychedelic colors of the time.

For this event, we started at the doors with signs that had a "Woodstock" feel with sayings from the 60's leading everyone to the venue: "Peace, Love and Rock & Roll," "Groovy!," "Let the Sun Shine In" and others (like "never trust anyone over 30" but this doesn't work for all parties, if you catch my drift).

A life size cut out of a VW bus (a must have for any hippie in the 60's and early 70's) was used as a backdrop for the seating cards. The seating cards were attached to a flower thus screaming "flower power"--a term you may have never heard but was prevalent as hippies confronted police across the country during war protests. I'm sure you've heard "make love, not war" and and flowers were used to represent peace at these rallies.

To pull through the theme, we used 5' tall daisies coming out of vases covered with peace signs (as delicately referred to above). Every table was a tribute. We've done this party so many times, and I never get tired of it. Chair covers were tie-dyed t-shirts which doubled as a favor. Table numbers were put in pink fuzzy frames, peace sign medallions were wrapped around the napkins, John Lennon glasses graced each place and all of this was set atop a psychedelic fuzzy table cloth.

Add a little lighting and when guests entered all you could hear was "far out!"

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