Party411 helps Hyland Software Celebrate 10,000 Customers

How do you celebrate a milestone of 10,000 customers?  With an employee appreciation team-building go-karting event for everyone that works there, that’s how!  Our client asked us to turn their parking lot into a go-kart track, and that we did!  The HYLAND 10,000 was a huge success with go-karts, helmets, racing duds and more!

Employees welcomed with banner letting them know what a special day awaits them

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We decorated from here to there with racing flags, chalked 1,000 – 10,000 on the race track to pull through the theme and created “HYLAND 10,000 Racetrack” logo and signage to brand the event.  It was like the real thing but more so.  A site to see.

If you weren’t racing, you were watching from the bleachers, rocking to some great tunes and/or eating BBQ washed down with lots of beer (and soft drinks, too, of course). Departments raced against each other with the winning team getting paid time off!

Employees were asked to submit their favorite charities, and six people were chosen to race to raise money for their favorite cause.  And, yes, you guessed it, at the end the top three winners were awarded a total of $10,000 toward their charities.

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